Make one contribution to Keren Hashana, and it will disburse tzedaka twice a day, each and every day, on your behalf, to Chabad’s humanitarian, educational and spiritual outreach services.

The Rebbe founded this unique fund because tzedaka-giving is a
life-affirming mitzvah—for the giver, and should not be missed even one day.

The work of Chabad-Lubavitch is constant, consistent, and comprehensive. No matter the need, no matter the distance, no matter the time, people know that Chabad will respond and put its best resources to work to help ensure a good, sweet year for those in need.

Start this new year off with a resolution that will endure.

Make your donation in multiples of 353 to match the number of days on this year’s Jewish calendar, and Keren Hashana will disburse tzedaka on your behalf, to all of the causes that depend on our support, twice a day.